Module 4 | Yourself and Others

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The competencies explored within this module “Yourself and Others” are based on the knowledge that parents are likely to be better informal educators and have a more active approach to life and ‘good enough parenting’ according to their levels of self-awareness. In order to enhance their children’s self-esteem, self-efficacy, sense of initiative, creativity and openness to an entrepreneurial spirit, parents need great self-awareness, a readiness to work upon themselves, critical thinking skills, creativity, curiosity and an understanding of their motivations, patterns and preferred behaviours. It is always beneficial to explore any formative experiences which may have influenced values and may show up in unhelpful ways, potentially being projected, often unknowingly onto their children. With an openness to acknowledge weaknesses and flaws and the ability to address improvements in themselves, through new tools, techniques and positive psychology, parents will be able to provide benefits within the whole family and community setting.

Such self-awareness and communication skills with high emotional intelligence can be developed and nurtured to support parents to make a meaningful impact, model functional behaviours and lead by example. When parents have developed such skills, it is likely they can pass on such positive and life-affirming attitudes to their children.

Thereby family resilience could be enhanced and the peer-to-peer training on offer by parents for other parents could lead to enhanced resilience within the community to face ongoing challenges and take account and utilise opportunities on offer. Society is changing rapidly; positivity, flexibility and adaptability are useful orientations to take forward in an ever-changing world. Early life experiences have a major role in shaping an individual’s neuroplasticity, emotional growth and self-efficacy. The parents or primary caregivers make a major contribution to resilience and coping strategies developed by children. The modules will boost the skills of parents to make a major contribution to enhancing their parenting and therefore improve the impacts on their children.