Module 7 | Testing Knowledge | Skills and Competencies

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Welcome to the online testing section of the project. 

The test has six separate elements, each one addressing the learning outcomes highlighted by each unit. 

Since the units are highly integrated addressing other unit competences as well, all six are regarded as a complete package. For this reason, it is not possible to attempt this test until all the training units have been completed.

N.B. The overall pass mark for the online test is 80%.

Please note there is no limit to the number of times that one can take the test and guidance is given where incorrect answers are provided. 

The test for each unit has two parts: 

  • Part A | consists of four multiple choice questions each with 4 possible options per question. The questions address specific areas of unit knowledge focussed upon each module specific learning outcomes. 
  • Part B | presents participants with a scenario based on issues raised in the relevant unit. A series of closed questions enable respondents to apply their knowledge, understanding of the unit competences.